Inter UBC Masters 5-a-side/Futsal Soccer Academy Program (2001-Present)

Since 2001, an active program of research and practice has been integral to 3-levels of this Masters 5-a-side/Futsal Soccer Academy at UBC, Vancouver, Canada:

1) International Masters 5-a-side/Futsal World Cup Tournament and International Symposium on Soccer Communities: Local and Global Contexts
2) Inter UBC Masters Tri-nations 5-a-side & 3-a-side Select Team Development Program (click here for performance data 2001-Present)
3) Inter UBC Masters 5-a-side/Futsal Program

(050's) Chelsea FC 3 v 6 Inter UBC Tri-Nations (050's)

(035's) Aston Villa FC v Inter UBC Tri-Nations (050's)

Barcelona 1

(050's) FC Barcelona 1 v 1 Inter UBC (050's) - World Clubs Cup Group Stage

Barcelona 2

(050's) FC Barcelona v Inter UBC (050's) - World Clubs Cup FINAL.

(050's) Inter UBC Masters Team, 8-a-side Winners Palm Desert, 2018

(058's) Inter UBC Masters Team, 5-a-side Winners Los Angeles, 2019

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1) International Masters 5-a-side/Futsal World Cup Tournament and International Symposium on Soccer Communities: Local and Global Contexts

This unique research-based International Masters/Veterans World Cup Tournament focuses on 5-a-side/futsal and is limited to 10-12 representative teams of Over-40, 45, 50, 55, 58, 65+ year old players whom are selected from clubs, communities, institutional groups or football associations within a country. Participating teams to date include: Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, United Nations, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, and Wales. The 1st Masters/Veterans Futsal World Cup Football Tournament (040+) was held at the Chelsea School, England, 2006. Since 2006, this international masters tournament has been hosted at venues throughout Europe and the UK. The next 2020 International Masters World Cup 5-a-side/Futsal Tournament (058, 065) will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hubball, H.T., Reddy, P., Sweeney, M., & Kauppinen, R. (2018). Evolution and Sustainability of the International Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournament (2006-2017): A Strategic Approach. International Journal for Sport and Society, 9(2), 1-17.

2) Inter UBC Masters Tri-nations 5-a-side & 3-a-side Select Team Development Program (click here for performance data 2001-Present)

Recent advances in sport pedagogy have made a significant contribution to team and player development programs across Canada. Context based learning (CBL) provides an integrated approach to team and player development and draws upon a wide range of sports science disciplines in order to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of a masters/veterans soccer team. Action research methodology was employed to evaluate the implementation of team and player development experiences for a select masters/veterans soccer team at the University of British Columbia. Data suggest that CBL organizes a team and player development program around critical game issues relevant to masters/veterans players; ensures that the practice environment closely simulates the competitive context; engages masters/veterans players as stakeholders in the team development process; and enhances performance!  The Inter UBC select team have successfully represented Trinations-Canada in masters/veterans world cup tournaments (treble winners) since 2006 including games against FC Barcelona and were invited to play 050 exhibition games against former players at prestigious English Premier League Football Clubs: Chelsea Football Club, Aston Villa Football Club.

Hubball, H.T., & Lopes, P. (in press 2019). Performance analysis in elite masters football: Strategic team and player development implications. In M. Hughes and Ian M. Franks (3nd Edition), Essentials of Performance Analysis in Sport. New York, USA: Routledge.

3) Inter UBC Masters/Veterans Futsal Program

A. 055+ 5-a-side Masters Football & Tournaments - Contact Harry Hubball for Details. Emerging 055+ international 5-a-side/futsal   masters soccer environments (e.g., 5v5/futsal on customized FIFA standard 30 X 25 metre fields with 5.0 X 2.0 metre goalposts) focus on a series of 15-20 minute round-robin games. In comparison with the traditional 11 v 11 soccer format for masters/veterans players, 5v5/futsal games on quality turf/field surfaces can be more exciting, with intense end-to end action, more goals and touches on the ball, more passes, more interactive offense and defense teamwork, and result in a greater energy expenditure and high quality soccer. Various levels of competition (e.g., recreational, developmental and high performance levels) are often implicit within masters/veterans soccer programs. Essentially, levels of competition differ on key variables such as primary motives for participation, player abilities and access, as well as expectations for adequate support resources, player commitment, team roles, quality of play, and the extent to which performance outcomes influence further development. Attention to differential levels of competition and customized playing conditions ensures  that masters/veterans soccer games are close (rather than one-sided), safe, exciting and enjoyable soccer experiences for participating players.

B.  055+ 3-a-side (Super 3’s/3v3) Masters Football & Tournaments - Contact Harry Hubball for Details.  Emerging 055+ international 3-a-side/futsal masters soccer environments (e.g., 3v3 on customized 50 x 50 feet pitches with 10 foot wide and 1.5 feet high goalposts) focus on a series of 10-15 minute round-robin games. 3v3 masters/veterans games on customized and quality turf/field surfaces is a unique version of small-sided games that it is played without goalkeepers. Customized 3v3 game structures maximize emphases on effective teamwork and individual ball skills (e.g., close ball control, accurate one and two touch passing, accurate short-range shooting at ground-level), while minimizing emphasis on excess physical play (e.g., by limiting sprinting and endurance running, no slide tackling). Strategically, 3v3 football uses the smallest tactical able unit to apply the principle of depth and breadth for effective team offence and defence. The repeated intensity of competitive 3v3 football increases the development of effective “game-sense”.  Click Here & here for 3v3 videos and pictures/gallery.

Hubball, Sweeney, Franks & Kauppinen.  Effective 3-a-side game formats and team strategies for advanced-level 055+ players. International Science and Football Association Publication.

C. 055-070+ Competitive Walking Football - (Contact Harry Hubball for Details) 2016 Indoor Competitive Walking Football Video;  2015 Indoor Competitive Walking Football Video. Click here for 050/060+ UBC 5v5 Competitive Walking Football picture gallery.  Including: GF Strong Cardio Rehab Centre (WS program), Vancouver; North Van Rec Dep’t (WS program), Vancouver; Coaching staff, North Shore Girls Soccer Club (WS program), Vancouver; Hillcrest Community Recreation Centre (WS program), Vancouver; BC Soccer Veterans League (WS program), Vancouver; UBC staff (WS program), Vancouver. Inaugural 55+ BC Walking Soccer Tournament Champions.

  • Research and practice collaborations with Akademisk Boldklub FC/Denmark; Swansea Veterans UFC/Wales; Cleveland Whitecaps/Mike Sweeney, USA; Wales Walking Football, & Birmingham Walking Football Club/England.
  • Inter UBC Youth Soccer Academy: Team and Player Development Program (1999-2004 Including Liverpool, Everton and Aston Villa FC Academy Games) Click here

Click here for Sports Science and Scholarship of Football Coaching: International-Regional-Local Perspectives of Masters Tournaments, Team and Player Development/Impact Analysis