The 2-day International Super Masters 5-a-side/Futsal World Cup Football Tournament focuses on 5-a-side/futsal, and 4-a-side running football (DAY 1 & DAY 2: 60+ only); 5-a-side walking football, and 5-a-side running football (DAY 1 & 2: 65+ only). Invited 65+ and 60+ men's representative teams for the 2022 tournament (one per country) include 20 teams from The Americas, Europe, UK, Arabian Gulf States, Australasia, and Africa. Eldest recorded participant to date since 2006 = 88 years of age (Team Norway)! In the round-robin league tournament format, each international team is guaranteed a minimum of 5-6 games (i.e., 15-minute individual game durations) per day. See below for team trophies and players' medals.

The following International Super Masters Tournament rules have been purposely modified and developed since 2006 from each international masters tournament around a common core of essential small-sided competitive game rules (e.g., SAFETY 1st, multiple substitutions) that are used within various countries (Europe, N. America, SE Asia, UK including AMF & FIFA Masters/Seniors 5v5/Futsal, Star Sixes Football, “The Dutch Way: 4v4 SSG Method”, 3v3 TSS Masters Canada, 3v3 Kick it USA, 3v3 Soccer UK, IWFF, Walking Football Association England, European Legends Walking Football) and without any advantage to any singular nation or masters team - this provides fairness and simplicity for all participating multinational players, teams, and equally important, for officiating referees at this multi-lingual international super masters event.


(1) For the 2022 tournament, the minimum age for 60+ international teams is December 31st 1962 D.O.B. and the minimum age for 65+ international teams is December 31st 1957 D.O.B.(strictly enforced). Each invited super masters club/team (one per country) can include players from any organization, community, national football association or region. Team size is restricted to 6-9 eligible (age-appropriate) tournament players. This international tournament is a 2-day event. For obvious reasons and fairness to all travelling participants, teams/players cannot register for 1-day games only.

(2) International masters/veterans teams will play in a five-a-side/futsal competition on FIFA standard fields. The field size for an international super masters 5-a-side/futsal pitch is 30 X 25 metres and the goal posts are 5m x 2m (5.0m semi-circle goal area). Games will take place simultaneously on the field throughout each day of the tournament. Pitch 1 is that which is closest to the sports pavilion. The home team on the schedule will defend the goal nearest to the sports pavilion from K/O.

(3) Games = 5-a-side (4 outfield players and a goal keeper). Centre kick-off is only taken to begin games by the home team. Ball height rule applies (equal to the height of the cross bar, 5m) and heading is not allowed. Goalkeeper will begin play when any goals are scored and when there is a goal-kick (using a dead-ball kick from the goalkeeper area and which must be kicked along the surface, not arial). Goalkeeper cannot pick-up the ball from a pass-back, goalkeeper cannot kick from hands, goalkeeper cannot execute over-arm throws. 60+ Goal-keepers are permitted outfield. 60+ players can enter the 5-metre GK zone at will. Flying subs any time from the mid-centre line.

(4) Regular corner kicks apply, dead-ball kicks are taken from the sideline and must be executed on the ground (not arial). There is no off-side. Normal infringement rules apply - fouls, handball etc. Indirect free-kicks only - 3 metre distance (unless infringement in goal area and 8m penalty kick). For 65+ walking football games, only one-step is allowed to kick a penalty.

(5) 60+ Day 2, 4-a-side Football - The field size for an international super masters 4-a-side pitch is 20 metre (length) X 20 metre (width) and the goal posts are 10 feet wide and 3 feet (=3m by 1m) high. Above International masters 5-a-side/futsal football rules apply PLUS SPECIFIC RULES include: (a) Players are only eligible to play in the 4v4 games if they have already played in the Day 1 May 29th 5v5 games; (b) a registered 4-a-side team must have a minimum of 5 players ("no" goalkeepers) -multiple flying subs can be used; (c) Indirect free-kicks = 3 metre distance; (d) "Handball" infringement from a shot on goal will result in a penalty kick 3.6 metres/12 feet from the goal line.

(6) 65+ Walking Football games on DAY 1. Above International masters 5-a-side/futsal football rules apply PLUS SPECIFIC RULES FOR 65+ WF games include (a) "No running allowed" (strictly enforced on OR off the ball) - i.e., walking/fast-walking ONLY as defined by one foot on the ground at all times, (b) There is a ball height restriction of 6-feet only (or height of the cross-bar whichever is highest) and NO heading allowed; (c) goalkeepers have a restricted and protected (no players allowed) semi-circle "D" zone area of 5 metres; (d) Only a 1-step approach is allowed prior to shooting for the 65+ WF penalties.

(7) Rule number 1! ALL masters/veteran players and injury prevention. Absolutely no dangerous tackles (e.g. from behind, or sliding tackles that make physical contact with opposition player). It is imperative to play with safety in mind toward others and self (including shin pads must be worn). The collegial atmosphere among world cup masters players, teams and referees has always been exceptional and SAFETY will be strictly enforced by the match officials. In the unlikely event of disciplinary issues, the following use of BLUE or RED colour cards will be shown at the discretion of referees: Blue Card offences will be issued for repeat Technical (e.g., running x 3 in WF) or combinations of technical and penal offences (foul play). However, a straight Blue card will also be awarded if the offence is of a reckless nature. A Blue card will result in a 3-minute game expulsion (non-replacement); Red Card Offences are based on FIFA/FA Laws (e.g. foul and or abusive language, excessive foul play, DOGSO offence). Multiple Blue or a Red Card offence will result in a number of game forfeits which will be determined by the Head Referee.

(8) Results (see below). In the round-robin format, there will be 1-point for a tie and 2-points for a win. In the event of a points tie (including goal difference) on completion of all games, teams will compete in a further 10-minute golden goal game. If still tied, there will be a 1-shot penalty shoot-out “knock-out” for 5 players on each team. If 3 or more teams are tied on points (including goal difference), a 1-shot penalty shoot-out “knock-out” for 5 players on each team will decide the winning team. At the Head Referees discretion, a tie in a knock-out round can result in a “best of 3” penalty shoot-out competition.

(9) For the team penalty shoot-out competition, regular penalty shoot-out rules apply. Furthermore, the penalty shoot-out competition for 60+ & 65+ teams occurs separately on multiple 5-a-side pitches following the final games on DAY 1. Five players only per team take one penalty each (8 metres) alternatively with players from another team (against respective goalkeepers). The total score is recorded by each referee. The team with the highest penalty score wins and a team runner-up receive the penalty shoot-out trophies (if any teams have joint highest penalty scores on Day 1, a penalty shoot-out play-off will take place after the scheduled games on DAY 2).

Insurance is the sole responsibility of the team or individual. Under no circumstances are officials, organizers or the host organization legally responsible for any claim whatsoever.


Click here for the 2006-2021 results history of the International Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournaments.

MAY 2022 RESULTS: 60+ International Super Masters/Veterans 5-a-side & 5-a-side Running Football

60+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Football Champions Trophy N. Ireland Vets
60+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Football Runners-up Trophy Wales
60+ International Super Masters 4-a-side Football Champions Trophy

England Amateurs

60+ International Super Masters 4-a-side Football Runners-up Trophy Inter UBC United Nations
60+ International Team Penalty Shoot-Out Champions Trophy Switzerland (SAFP)
60+ International Team Penalty Shoot-Out Runners-up Trophy Inter UBC United Nations


MAY 2022 RESULTS: 65+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Walking & 5-a-side Running Football

65+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Walking Football Champions Trophy Scotland 
65+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Walking Football Runners-up Trophy Wales
65+ International Team Penalty Shoot-Out Champions Trophy Scotland
65+ International Team Penalty Shoot-Out Runners-up Trophy UK/UN
65+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Running Football Champions Trophy Wales 
65+ International Super Masters 5-a-side Running Football Runners-up Trophy Denmark

* Participation medals for all registered Super Masters/Veterans Players.

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