The International Super Masters 5-a-side/futsal World Cup Football Tournament began in 2006 and has been hosted throughout Europe and the UK with progressive age-specific (40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 58+, 60+ & 65+) competition, and leading up to the 2022 tournaments. This unique research-informed masters tournament is limited to 10-12 men's representative teams of age-specific players whom are selected from any club, community, institutional group or football association. Registered representative teams to date include countries from: Belgium, Canada, England, France, Spain (FC Barcelona), Germany, Gibraltar FA, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Ireland, (Kenya), Morocco, Norway, (S. Africa), Oman, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Wales, Scotland, Finland, Denmark, and United Nations.



2022 Home of FIFA, Zurich, Switzerland 60+ & 65+
2021 Copenhagen, Denmark 60+ & 65+
2020 Copenhagen, Denmark [covid-19, Postponed] 58+ & 65+
2019 Paris, France 58+ & 65+
2018 England, University of Bristol 55+ & 65+
2017 Wales, Swansea University 55+ & 65+
2016 Algarve, Portugal 50+
2015 Real Sociodad, Spain 50+
2014 Verona, Italy 50+
2013 Barcelona, Spain 50+
2011 Antalya, Turkey 50+
2010 Aston University, Birmingam, England 45+
2008 Flizbach, Switzerland, University of Zurich 45+
2006 Chelsea School, University of Brighton, England 40+

* Click here for the 2006-2022 results history of the International Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournaments. 
* Click here for members of the 2021-22 Multinational Tournament Organizing Committee. 
* 2006-2022 Founding Chairperson, International Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournament, Professor Harry Hubball, PhD (in collaboration with FIFA Grassroots Football, host venue organizations, and multinational coaches at 50-65+ football clubs around the world)


The International Super Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournament (2006-2022):

  • Focuses on continued (2006-2022) growth and development of age-specific small-sided football (e.g., 3-a-side, 4-a-side, 5-a-side/futsal, and competitive walking football) competition for super masters/veterans teams.
  • Celebrates diverse amateur/grassroots international masters/veterans football communities: Local & global.
  • Incorporates cutting-edge sports science research on masters football including guest speakers, poster presentations, and research articles on International Masters/Veterans Football: Health and Sport Science in Local and Global Contexts. Collaborative research presentations focus on: player and team development, small-sided game analysis, injury-prevention, customised game formats and tournament design, coaching science, Football is Medicine, physiology, psychology, and socio-cultural perspectives of masters/veterans football.  Click here for details about the International Masters Football Symposium.




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